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Hooray for Hollywood!

California is synonymous with the movies, and the Hollywood Pictures Backlot features a fancy studio-style gateway, complete with golden elephants, ushers, and storefronts that bring back the Golden Age of Hollywood.   The area music includes songs from Disney films.  Several songs are available for immediate download in MP3 format from Amazon and iTunes.  Several CDs are also available for purchase.


Tower of Terror

17 Songs

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sully to the Rescue!

7 Songs

Disney Animation

16 Songs

Agrabah Bazaar

0 Songs

Music from Hollywood Pictures Backlot

The Big Olive by Alan Menken

from the album Hercules on Disney records

Under the Sea by Samuel E. Wright

from the album Little Mermaid on Disney records

Following the Leader by Bobby Driscoll

from the album Peter Pan on Disney records

And He Shall Smite the Wicked by Alan Menken

from the album The Hunchback Of Notre Dame on Disney records

You've Got a Friend in Me by Tom Scott

from the album Toy Story 2 on Disney records

Will and Elizabeth by Klaus Badelt

from the album Pirates Of The Caribbean on Disney records

Transformation by Alan Menken

from the album Beauty And The Beast on Disney records